Our Projects currently at Planning / Construction Stage:

Quinta Lirica

Currently under construction and planned for opening in early 2017, we already have accomodation ready and waiting.


The completed development will include a small beach cafe and boardwalk , a landscaped garden leading to the beach, natural pool and jacuzzi, restaurant and cafe terrace and yoga/pilates studio facilities.

Portable Display Cabana

Various Fairs and Locations

After constructing our prototype cabana at Quinta Lirica, we rapidly built a second Cabana in the form of a knock down kit. This has been successfully erected and dismantled at a number of local trade fairs for the purpose of demonstrating our product to potential clients. We used this excericise to refine details of the Cabanas which lead to quality controlled rapid manufacture in workshop conditions as well as speedy site erection techniques being refined.


Phase Two developments.

A large site currently at planning stage which will have six cabanas, eighteen glamping tents, clubhouse and children's playground.