Floating through the night sky

Unique Accommodation

كسب المال بقراءة رسائل البريد الإلكتروني Earky in 2017 we have seven cabanas completed at our Flagship site.

One of these will be suitable for mobility impaired guests

Two of these will share a bathroom.

Four of these will have integral bathrooms.

All will accommodate up to a four guests in comfort.


Fully Equipped

Each cabana has a King size double bed elevated in the top of the dome, with a lower deck sitting area below. This converts into a second double bed at night. The Cabanas come with minibar, coffee machine, music system and flat screen TV, and tablet/phone charger,And it is all 12v. solar powered!


Otherworldly Ambiance

Flexible and adaptable, cosy yet spacious, the cabanas are perfect for young families, teenagers, lovers, divers, hikers and bikers!

Yoga divas, meditators booklovers and mystics will relish the calm ambiance  of our wooden homes, which float over a verdant garden and gaze south over the endless ocean.


Our Legacy

Our Cabanas are fabricated from sustainable locally grown Japanese Cedar. They are solar powered, built in kit form and “flat packed” for easy transport. They can be swiftly erected by three people. We are able to fabricate, supply and erect a complete off grid eco-resort anywhere in the world in a very short space of time.AS our flagship development, Quinta Lirica will be the first in a network of small eco -resorts. Our target legacy will be to create a viable export business for the Azores as we send our EcoPods to the many other geographical locations in need of fast, affordable and sustainable accommodation.

Our Network

Quinta Lirica will link with the other projected Eco Resorts , around the Islands and beyond , connected through a smart network to enable multi destination vacations, linked tours, mutual support and shared facilities. In this way our Eco tourism offering will afford a unique opportunity to explore our wonderful natural landscapes and destinations , all with minimal impact to the environment.


Next Steps...

If you would like to learn more about our Cabanas, if you are interested to have our cabanas on your property, if you would like to experience them first hand, if you just need to get away from it all .....

Air flights to Azores from Europe have never been more affordable, and so are our offers just now.

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