Eco Tourism

We are proud to be part of the global move towards responsible lifestyles which are non-destructive to our mother earth. We seek to create and  promote tourism which is equitable, sustainable and whic respects the environment around us. As one of the remaining unspoiled places in the world,the Azores deserve to be blessed with an alternative to the mass tourism which has so drastically diminished of many far flung places.

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Sustainable Architecture

Guests are housed in our Ecopods. These are extremely comfortable cabins sitting atop recycled telephone poles and floating over a lush garden. The ecopods are 100 percent locally manufactured from local timber from  sustainable forestry. Each cabana has solar powered services, a shower room, minibar coffee maker nd flat screen TV.

Each pod can sleep up to four guests and is perfect for young families with small children.

Despite this they are small and elegant and leave a tiny footprint on the earth.

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Zero Emission Mobility

We will collect you from the Airport on arrival in our Zero Emission "emobile" and bring you and your luggage to the Quinta. from there your daily journeys can be made to all parts of our lovely island using e-biking, hiking, biking, kayaking as well as having access to our emobile transport on demand. as well as solo trips, we organize group trips to laces of interest as well as drop offs and pick ups for guided ebike adventures.

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Our Mission:

Is to create an environmentally friendly tourist resort where our visitors can enjoy the peace and tranquility of our beach-side garden valley, are able to explore the breathtaking natural beauty of our island, to enjoy good home cooked food and taste good local wines and spirits, to sleep  in comfortable cabanas and sound in the knowledge that these pleasures are not "Costing the Earth".

We seek to create tourism which has a positive impact upon the environment and our community and especially upon our valued guests, who can return home with the knowledge that living a more sustainable lifestyle ,even for a few days, is not just possible, it is comfortable,rewarding and especially good fun too!

We hope to see you very soon.

Sonia and John



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